Esschert Design has started as a family business in 1993 with a garden accessories wholesale company. Today it has become a well-known company with great variety of products that can be labelled in their largest part under the tag “gardening”. More specifically, garden gifts, tools, as well as nature related articles such as bird nests, food and etc. Concepts are developed internal , after which they are globally produced/fabricated exclusive for Esschert Design. 

Esschert Design only sells to regional distributors and independent retailers also known as Business-to-Business (B2B) commerce transaction, i.e. products are not sold directly to the end-user. Esschert Design Collections, fit not only perfectly to any garden centre, but also any other retailers which offer products related  to the outdoors: gift shops, florists, home centres, warehouse clubs and also public relations companies (corporate gifts).

Esschert Design
Are there a lot of aphids in your garden? Aphids cause distorted leaves, buds, branch tips and flowers. Use organic damage control by housing ladybirds in your garden. A ladybird can help you to reduce the amount of aphids by eating up to 100 aphids per day!